In collaboration with Well Life Centre.

As a growing business, Well Life understands the importance of supporting local small businesses, especially during these turbulent times. To this end, they have asked me to provide a package that allows any local business to showcase their services on the screen in the Well Life patient waiting area.
The ads are currently static image only, but can be several images in series if there is a lot of information you want to convey. Please see the video above for an example of this.
The cost per image is £20, which includes design, and an airing duration of 1 month. If multiple images are required then each additional image is £15. Reruns of the same advert cost £5 per additional month, regardless of image quantity.
Any photos to be used in your ad would need to be provided by yourself, and you would need to confirm that you have the rights to use them for commercial purposes. Many icons can be provided at no additional charge, and we do have a limited library of stock photos available at an additional charge of £1 per image. Alternatively Adobe Stock images can be purchased at an additional fee.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we can discuss via phone, email, video chat or in-person meeting.

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