Send me a rough idea & I'll turn it into a beautiful form...

...or go digital, with forms that work across platforms.

Whether we like it or not, the world seems to run on paperwork.  Be they digital or print, forms and information pages are a crucial part of most businesses. These could be onboarding forms for new staff or patients, checklists and process guides that ensure tasks are carried out effectively, or  information handouts that you give to customers for after sales service or home use.  The list is almost endless!
Much research has been done into how these documents impact the user.  Choices as seemingly mundane and "aesthetic" as CAPS versus Title Case, centre-aligned versus left-aligned, or the use of borders, can greatly impact the amount of brain and eye-fatigue the user will experience.  The more user-friendly your document is, the more likely it will be used correctly, or the easier the information on it will be retained.  
Many businesses do not have the resources in-house for updating these documents, and giving them a much-needed face lift. Using up-to-date, well-presented documents is one more layer of professionalism that you are exhibiting to your users, whether they are in-house or external.  I take great joy in assisting businesses with these document maintenance needs, and look forward to being of assistance to you.

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