I have built 3 projects as part of a Full Stack Developer Course with the Code Institute in Dublin.

Code Institute offer an amazing online learning program, with mentors and student interaction via Slack.  Unfortunately, I was unable to complete the course due to my own difficulties with Anxiety and PTSD, even though the support from Code Institute was outstanding. 
For now I am focussing on work projects  which are more design focused, as I have some wonderful clients in that sector. I have every intention of completing my code studies in the near future.
Resume Site:
“The project has both functional and aesthetic qualities. It is easy to use and the project’s code is readable and has a good structure. Software development recommendations have been followed and the project uses current design trends to achieve its intended goals which show good knowledge of web design basics and current industry standards.”
Code Institute External Assessors | Final Mark of 95%
Data Dashboard:
"The project is functional and has a positive aesthetic purpose. It is easy to use and data is easy to read and interpret. Underlying technologies are well used and implemented and the project shows a good knowledge of recommended web design conventions."
Code Institute External Assessors | Final Mark of 87%
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